Wireless Gate Alarms

Worried about who is coming onto your farm? Gear going missing? Talk to Calect for options to increase the security around your farm.

Stolen Fuel & Motorbikes from Farms

1. Early detection

Installing a driveway alert system will notify you of an intruder BEFORE they attempt to take or damage anything. CCTV systems are a very effective ‘real-time’ visual alert system, so you can identify who is entering your property.

2. A visual and audible deterrent

CCTV and alarm systems are both effective deterrents to intruders.

Alarm Systems – The New Zealand Police recommend the use of a security system as an effective crime prevention deterrent. Once an alarm system activates, a burglar rarely lingers at the scene to gather up property, and any break-in is followed by a rapid response if combined with local alarm monitoring.

CCTV – Video Surveillance Systems – Often just having CCTV cameras installed will be enough to deter intruders, but having quality recorded footage and images on hand is useful to identify who has been on the property, or for gathering facts before making accusations.

3. An effective response

In remote locations, having your alarm monitored is even more crucial to the effectiveness of your security solution. This ensures that someone will respond to an alarm activation – and you can customise the response list to suit you. We provide wireless alarm monitoring where there is no access to a phone-line – ideal for sheds and remote locations.