Old Wiring & Switchboards

House burning because of faulty wiringSome old wiring is dangerous and needs to be replaced. Over the last 30 years many houses with TRS cable installed in the 1940’s – 1970’s have had to have that cable replaced. The insulation on the old cables has deteriorated to the point of being dangerous – insulation may break off and leave bare copper wire exposed. The danger of an exposed wire is a greatly increased chance of fire or electrocution. If you are in doubt then call Cal at Calect to check your house or shed.

Any homes still containing this wiring should be rewired with TPS (Tough Plastic Sheath) as soon as possible, and have their fuses replaced with Circuit Breakers and Residual Current Devices, as required by law in all new homes built in New Zealand today.

Old Switchboard - New Upgrade ProcessRe-wiring usually involves the complete removal of all old TRS and VIR cables, old steel conduit and replacing with new TPS cables. All original sockets, lights switches, light fittings and other electrical fittings are replaced with modern fittings. New mains cables are installed and the dodgy old fuse board and porcelain fuses are thrown out and replaced with a modern recessed switch board, circuit breakers and residual current devices (RCDs).

Power meters that were once part of the interior fuse board can be re-located to a new meter board outside, so that the meter reader no longer requires access to the home. Finally an electrical inspector will check certain aspects of the job and sign off the Certificate of Compliance.

Quite often insurance companies will offer a reduction in premiums when old houses have been rewired.

Most homes can be completely rewired within one week, with minimum disruption to the occupier, and no damage to the walls of ceilings. The electrical work is carried out in a way to ensure that you are always left with power and lights at the finish of each work day.

Rats and possums will do damage to electrical cables and switchboards if given have the chance. The insulation on this cable was eaten by a rat. Eventually the rat made contact with the conductor wire and the cable blew, the rat died and the MCB on the switchboard tripped: a fire could have been started with this failure. If you have had rats in your roof, let us know so the wiring can be checked.

Cable Damage by Vermin