Energy-saving lightbulbs use up to 80% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs, and last up to eight times longer.

When you consider that lighting takes up an average of 10% of a home’s energy usage, there could be savings of hundreds of dollars a year to be made.

Energy-saving light bulbs use less energy than traditional bulbs to create the same amount of light, so when switching to energy-efficient bulbs, you need to choose bulbs with a lower wattage than you would normally select.

Use the table to help you select the bulb with the correct light output:

To get the best performance, we recommend combining the light bulbs with energy-efficient bulb fittings. Installing with existing fittings will still result in energy savings, but not to the same degree. The light bulb also may not look as good in a fitting it’s not designed for.

LED Lighting

LED bulbs that can be interchanged with existing light fittings are hitting the stores in New Zealand. The day when you cannot by standard incandescent light bulbs is coming as these hugely more energy efficient LED light gain in acceptance. The features of LED lamps are:

They save so much energy. If you use a 100W incandescent light bulb then it can be replaced with a 6W LED.

They last so much longer. The design life of a LED lamp is typically 30,000 hours: if you used a light for 6 hours per day then the light would last for nearly 14 years. The standard light bulb lasts for about 1,000 hours.

They don’t produce lots of waste heat. This means that all the big holes in the ceiling insulation that were needed for recessed halogen and incandescent light fittings can be filled in. A 5% loss in heating insulation material can reduce the effectiveness of insulation by 80%. This makes your house a far warmer place to be.

Contact Calect for a review of your lighting requirements.

Outside Lighting

Winter is coming and the days are getting shorter. Do you need more outside lighting? The new “Night Watcher” LED floodlight that also records 500 x 20sec video clips each time the movement sensor is tripped and gives a voice warning is available.

  • 3 motion sensors, covering up to 210 degrees
  • Detecting range up to 10m
  • 20 seconds of image recording, each time – date and time stamped onto image
  • Works and records 24hrs a day, each time movement sensor is tripped.
  • Tracking speed is fixed
  • 2G micro SD memory card included
  • 3 selectable working modes
  • Automatic exposure control, white balance and sharpness
  • 1W Liteon super power white L.E.D.
  • Recordable security message – e.g. dog barking, yelling etc
  • Memory card adaptor
  • Detection method – passive infrared sensor (with continuously detect function)
  • Sensor range – 10m x 210º max