Calect Electrical are Registered Master ElectriciansIf you have an electrical problem then Calect has electricians available to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our primary focus is on repairing faults on farms.

We know that a dairy shed can break down and leave cows trapped on a platform and half the herd is still to be milked. We know that when a pivot breaks down it could be losing you thousands of dollars per day of pasture production. Getting your business back up and running is the priority. This is why we arrange our resources to be at your call.

Somebody from Calect is available any time of the day or night. We reschedule other work so that our electricians are available to fix faults.

Our vehicles have a GPS tracking system on them so we can see were any of our electricians are. If you have a fault we can respond with the closest electrician being dispatched to you. If more people are required such as other Calect electricians or pump fitters, then we will help arrange them for you.

Some of the electrical systems we deal with are complicated. There are lots of interlinked machines and functions: one wrong move could ruin an entire system or it could damage production.

To fix these types of problems requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Calect has this knowledge and experience. To keep up with changes in technology Calect electricians are given training on new developments and access to suppliers support networks.